Putting Country First in Sierra Leone

I start with a question: As a nation, what would we lose or gain if we put “Country First”?  From my vantage point, we stand to lose nothing but gain everything when we seek and advance the common good in our human endeavors. So, what do I mean to put Country First?  Country First could mean different things to different people. 
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Defining The Whole Citizen

Whole citizens are engaged, active, and objective when it comes to governance and participation in nation-building activities, regardless of their individual, social, political, or tribal affiliations. Citizens’ apathy or the lack of interest in governance presents a real challenge to our developmental aspirations. So, what do I mean to put Country First?  
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How To Create A Better Africa

Africa’s growing economy, rich cultural heritage, and totalling up to an eighth of the world’s population, makes it a vastly important continent. We interviewed George Shadrack Kamanda, a Sierra Leone native and currently a student at the prestigious University of Oxford, to discuss nation-building, becoming a responsible citizen and the vital changes needed to create a better Africa.
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What is the internet?

The internet is the infrastructure that carries things like email, the web, file sharing, online education, streaming services etc. In simple terms, the internet is a bunch of connected devices. Read More.

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